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iTechbrigade is one of the fastest growing technical support companies in the world, servicing customers in USA and Canada. We provide immediate and high quality support for your PC related issues, printer woes and Wi-Fi router troubles. We are quickly expanding our portfolio to include other technology products as well.



• 24/7 Customer Support for your convenience and quick resolution
• Expert team of technicians to help you with any computer related issue
• High customer satisfaction and problem resolution rates
• Flexible and low cost plans to fit your budget
• Support for peripherals like router and printer along with PC.

What our Clients are Saying

“iTechbrigade fixed my virus issue that had been bugging me for the past year. I had shelled out a lot of money on buying useless over the counter antivirus deals, but nothing helped. These guys removed the virus from my system and helped recover my data at a very affordable price”
- Pete Draker

What our Clients are Saying

“iTechbrigade technicians can resolve almost any issue you’re facing with your PC and peripherals. I was having trouble installing my router to start using the Internet. The technician listened to my problems patiently and instructed me step by step to enable me fix my own issue. Saved me $200 on calling the company technician physically to my place.”
- Joan Simmons

What our Clients are Saying

“Great deals at low prices. Their technicians are polite and knowledgeable. I happened to mention that my husband was on dialysis the first time I called them. Now my technician remembers to ask about my husband’s health every time I call him with an issue. This is just great service.”
- Maria Rosario

What our Clients are Saying

“It might take time, but these guys can solve ay problem for your PC. I had an overheating problem with my CPU, they guided me on dismantling my CPU and cleaing the dust that was clogging the fan.”
- Judy Anglotti

What our Clients are Saying

“Thanks a lot for reconfiguring my E-mail password. Now I can check my mails again.”
- Rob Lavato

What our Clients are Saying

“I bought my Mac six years ago and it was running incredibly slow. I called the iTechbrigade technician as a last ditch effort, before dumping my computer. The technician cleaned the junk and optimized my system. Now two months later, my computer is running as good as new.”
- Danny Jennings

What our Clients are Saying

“Great Service. Great Support.”
- Mike Evans

What our Clients are Saying

“I have the Family Support plan from iTechbrigade. My husband and I both run our own business, and cannot afford to go without our computer, even for a day. Their service is prompt and efficient and that's what I like about them the most. ”
- Clara Mason

What our Clients are Saying

“Just give them a call, Toll Free, and get your issues fixed. It's thats Simple!”
- Joe Duncan